Fatigue is a critical issue, affecting 50-70 million people and costing employers over $130 billion dollars per year in the US alone.

Employees most at risk are those performing shift work in safety-critical industries like manufacturing, utilities, construction and transportation.

dss+ sees clients grappling with this issue around the globe.

Spotlight: Fatigue

  1. DSS Fatigue

    Managing Risks for a Culture of Safety: Dealing with Fatigue

    Understand the underlying causes and types of solutions for fatigue
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  2. Fatigue Management

    SafetyTech’s Favorites: Fatigue Management Solutions

    Learn about three of our favorite fatigue management solutions
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    Six Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Fatigue Solution

    A buyer’s guide to fatigue management solutions for safe workplace
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    A step-by-step approach for a seamless safety technology pilot

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dss+ is your trusted safety technology advisor
  • Help with selection and trials of safety technologies
  • Support for enterprise-wide solution deployment
  • #1 rated Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) consultancy
  • Best-in-class safety and risk management expertise
  • Building the world’s largest safety technology network
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dss+ helps our clients achieve their business goals
  • Digitalization and Innovation: dss+ supports our clients in accelerating long term growth through digital and innovative solutions. We combine our experience in Safety and Operational Risk Management, with curated industrial safety technologies to provide fit-for-purpose solutions for our clients. Read more
  • Safety and Operational Risk Management: Using the dss+ Integrated Framework, our consultants integrate processes, technology, governance, mindsets and behaviors, culture, and capabilities to mitigate risk and create safer, more productive work environments. We can help you improve your business performance by protecting, creating, and extracting more value from all of your assets. Read more
  • Operations Excellence: Whether you’re looking to improve maintenance and reliability or end-to-end supply chain efficiency, our dynamic framework identifies and optimizes outcomes, reduces risks, increases efficiencies, and fosters continuous innovation. Read more