Why join SafetyTech as a Vendor?

Why join SafetyTech as a Vendor?

SafetyTech.AI is a platform that seeks to connect the most innovative safety technologies to industrial companies around the world.

Aimed at enablinge the uptake and deployment of innovative safety technologies, SafetyTech seeks to curate the world’s largest depository of knowledge on the safety technology space, - thereby helping companies to improve the safety and performance of their operations. This unique platform is brought to you by dss+.

Vendors who wish to apply to be a part of the SafetyTech platform can fill in a self-service form, which will be screened by dss+ experts.

Once approved and listed on the SafetyTech platform, benefits include
   • being associated to thedss+ brand, a leader in safety and innovation;
   • leveraging the dss+ global presence to maximize new customer reach; and
   • access to the 2000+ network of dss+ global clients.

With the five-step dss+ structured approach to scouting and implementation, being part of the
SafetyTech ecosystem is an opportunity to test and improve your products, reach new markets,
access new clients, and build lasting partnerships for success.

The dss+ team will not only draw from its portfolio of safety technology vendors and products when consulting for clients, but you will also have the possibility of partaking in Proof- of-Concept (PoC) pilotss with corporate partners, generating data and insights into the pros and challenges of implementation for your products.

dss+ has been ranked as the “stand-out brand in the EHS consulting market” in the recent Global EHS Leaders Survey released by Verdantix, an independent research firm. We have clients in 80 countries, and significant experience in several high risk and asset intensive industries. With a deeply committed and experienced talent pool, dss+ is available to support companies in research through the implementation of safety technologies across sites, markets, and corporate structures.

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