Predictive Safety SRP, Inc.

Colorado, USA

Predictive Safety is a US based company which create analytics tools to address operational and organizational risk stemming from fatigue and impairment.

The solution - PRISM™ and AlertMeter™, are built on leading data analytics, business intelligence tools and has capability of predicting impairment related workplace risks, and advancing proven countermeasures when a risk is identified.

Founded initially with the mission to eliminate worker deaths in mining, the company utilizes predictive analytics to build a new safety standard for individuals, organizations, and industries.

Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics
Form Factor
Analytics Platform
Founded In
Notable Clients
Anglo American, BNSF, Tata Steel, Asarco, Kiewit, Savage, Triple S Steel
Primary Risk
  • Fatigue / Falling asleep
Secondary Risk
  • Worker safety monitoring
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