dss+ Consulting Solutions

dss+ helps our clients achieve their business goals in three main areas:

  • Safety and Operational Risk Management: Using the dss+ Integrated Framework, our consultants integrate processes, technology, governance, mindsets and behaviors, culture, and capabilities to mitigate risk and create safer, more productive work environments. We can help you improve your business performance by protecting, creating, and extracting more value from all of your assets. Read more
  • Operations Excellence: Whether you’re looking to improve maintenance and reliability or end-to-end supply chain efficiency, our dynamic framework identifies and optimizes outcomes, reduces risks, increases efficiencies, and fosters continuous innovation. Read more
  • Digitalization and Innovation: dss+ supports our clients in accelerating long term growth through digital and innovative solutions. We combine our experience in Safety and Operational Risk Management, with curated industrial safety technologies to provide fit-for-purpose solutions for our clients. Read more
The dss+ Approach to Innovation and Digital Solutions

1. Implementing Safety Technology

dss+ leverages a five-step approach to help companies achieve technology-driven outcomes:

  • Needs Assessment - By identifying the exact pain points and risks across the organization, dss+ can help clients to create a holistic assessment of their needs. This process involves working with clients to understand the key success factors that will ensure an effective implementation, such as language, design, viability under extreme weather, etc. These factors would be objectively quantified and used to assess the potential suitability of a chosen.
  • Scouting and Sourcing - Leveraging our deep knowledge of specific safety technologies and their potential, dss+ accurately identifies a long-list of solutions that fit a specific client’s needs.
  • Vetting Opportunities - The long list of solutions are is further refined via the scoring system developed during the "Needs Assessment" phase. Afterwhich, dss+ then interviews each of the potential vendors to further assess the fit and relevance to the client. This process yields a shortlist of solutions that will be further qualified.
  • Concept Validation - Together with the client, dss+ designs the “proof-of-concept” phase where our experience team tests shortlisted solutions on-the-ground. This allows for an objective assessment, and a recommended, most suitable option.
  • Data Analysis - Leveraging our in-house data scientists, dss+ analyzes the results of the concept validation to identify the best-fit solution, and charts a path towards an enterprise roll-out.
Read more about the dss+ approach to implementation here

2. Digitizing Safety Processes

Many companies around the world aim to better protect their people through improved safety. Digital technologies have great potential to help companies achieve this.

dss+ offers impactful solutions that can be applied across many industries and operational environments:

  • Digitizing risk management processes to increase efficiency – online safety audits, incident reporting and investigation, digital contractor safety management and emergency response process, etc. from eLearning to enhancing user experience with VR and AR technologies.
  • Applying digital technology to improve L&D experience – starting from eLearning to enhancing user experience with VR and AR technologies.
  • Leveraging data to improve decision-making – from basic dashboarding to predicting and preventing incidents using AI and DA algorithms.

For example, dss+ has helped the DuPont Maydown plant to improve the safety of contractors and improve productivity by introducing a customized digital permit to work application. Its intuitive design coupled with dss+ know-how enabled rapid user adoption and delivered clear benefits within two months.

The dss+ digital portfolio consists of our own solutions (e.g., dss+ Safety App, STOP™ DataPro®, Incident Investigation module, MIRA®) and partner-enabled solutions that reduce risk and deliver sustainable impact.

The dss+ approach to augmenting foundational safety practices with digital solutions allows our clients to improve the safety and efficiency of their operations quickly.