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Finding and Implementing the Right Safety Technology for Your Business
As new, connected safety devices are rapidly proliferating, many companies struggle to understand which technologies will help them most as they seek to improve safety. Beyond that, once they find the best safety technology, many companies have difficulty introducing the technology correctly within their operations and ensuring that they get the most value out of the data provided. In order to help companies to better select, adopt, and leverage safety technologies, leading safety and operational risk experts DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) has created this safety technology platform to serve as a gateway to the safety technology market, guiding companies as they seek to improve safety by adopting the latest, most innovative safety technology products.
The DSS Difference
About SafetyTech.AI
The potential for digital safety technology to reduce accidents and injuries at work is vast. Accordingly, the number of cutting-edge safety technologies is rapidly proliferating. This digital platform, brought to you by DSS will provide you with detailed information about specific technologies and how they can be applied. Furthermore, DSS can help you to identify, source, and implement the right solution that will allow you to better protect your most valuable resource – your people.
About SafetyTech
The DSS Difference
DSS has advised leading industrial companies around the world on operations improvements for more than 50 years, and has been ranked top Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) consultancy for brand preference by independent research company Verdantix. While other consultants may only focus on technical elements, we take a holistic, integrated approach to ensure that change isn’t just sustainable, but also improves upon itself for years to come. We are thereby well placed to guide you as you introduce innovative safety technologies into your workplace, ensuring that you maximize impact and drive systemic, sustainable change.
The DSS Difference
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Vinicius Branchini
I’ve spent most of the last 15 years working with different types of organizations …
Vinicius Branchini
The unprecedented pace of change, particularly related to the risk profile of certain activities, have changed almost ...
Nicholas Bahr
The scramble to both stop the community spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and mitigate its economic impacts continues to consume the attention of business leaders...
  • Glartek’s solutions combines AR and IoT domains to bring visibility, optimization, and reassurance of field operations.

    See Glartek
  • Xandar Kardian specializes in radar DSP technology for use in security, safety, proptech and healthtech.

    See Xandar Kardian
  • Safety Biometrics offers a real-time solution to alert the user before there is critical risk to the employee or others.

    See Safety Biometrics
  • Bleenco’s camera-based, zero-touch scanning process identifies employee temperatures prior to entering the work site.

    See Bleenco
  • SmarTECHs provide workers with connection to remote experts with a head-mounted device coupled with industrial software.

    See SmarTECHS
  • WTL’s solution monitor and protect workers in real time as well as extract actionable and intelligent data insights.

    See Eleksen
  • Predictive Safety develops solutions to address operational and organizational risk stemming from fatigue and impairment.

    See Predictive Safety
  • Sobereye's solution measures operators’ impairment risk in real-time, on-the-job, with a one-minute self-test.

    See Sobereye
  • RoadAware's solution provides driver with recommended safe speeds whihc are specific to the truck, load & road geometry.

    See RoadAware

The Latest in Safety Technology
Last updated on: 02 November, 2021
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