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COVID-19 highlighted use case: Bleenco enables cameras with AI to boost productivity and prevent accidents at work. Recently, they have developed an automated, zero-touch scanning process to identify temperatures of employees prior to entering the work site.

Bleenco is a German-based company that utilises camera detection in order to provide a workspace that accident-free and improve workers safety.

Bleenco offers AI software for workplace application, empowering off-the-shelf video camera systems with AI for analyzing unsafe human behavior and human actions. It enables OHS specialists to automize safety compliance processes and boost efficiency in preventing accidents.The solutions include detection system that verifies whether workers within a perimeter have properly wear safety equipment as well as analysis on worker body to assess ergonomics at work.

Bleenco comprises of an interdisciplinary team of experts represents more than 11 different nationalities, communicates fluently in more than 23 different spoken languages and additionally 15 programming languages. The company also have an office in Slovenia.

Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics
Form Factor
Visual Inspection Device, Analytics Platform, Personal State Sensors
Founded In
Notable Clients
BASF, Daimler, Continental, CAF, PanGas, ...
Languages Supported
English, German
Geographical Coverage
Asia Pacific, EMEA, North America
Pricing Model
Annual License
Buyer Expectations
Improve Safety Performance, Operational efficiencies, Reduce communication loops, Reduce human-error and compensation costs
Primary Risk
  • Visual inspection
  • Worker safety monitoring
Secondary Risk
  • Ergonomic or Musculoskeletal Injuries
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